Are there new laws coming to California in 2015?

Each and every year, hundreds of new laws are introduced in California, and 2015 is no different. 900+ laws are being introduced this year, and while many of them are still being contested (by both sides) there is a good chance that many of them will be put into place this calendar year.


Will illegal immigrants be able to apply for California driver’s licenses in 2015?

Undocumented illegal immigrants in the state of California may have the opportunity to apply for a driver’s license by the end of 2015 if AB 60 passes. This is probably one of the most fought over pieces of legislation to hit the state government in the last 30 or 40 years, and lawyers from both sides are still trying to figure out whether or not this driver’s license would be eligible in just California or across the country.  San Diego Criminal Lawyer Michael Rehm states that undocumented immigrants are currently consistently driving without a license, which is a violation of Vehicle Code 12500, a potential misdemeanor. Many counties give probation for a misdemeanor offense, thereby delaying the ability to become a citizen through lawful means. The inability to have a valid drivers license has a tremendous effect on the ability to become legal in this country on a normal timetable (which is already lengthy enough).

Will plastic bags be outlawed in California in 2015?

Large grocery stores, supermarkets, and department stores all throughout California use plastic bags, but SB 270 would put an end to that by 2016. Individuals would still be able to bring their own plastic bags to a store and use them, which would likely be the consequence of this law passing as it would give businesses the ability to charge $.10 per bag for switching over to paper bags.


Will employees receive a set amount of mandated paid sick days from work in 2015?

AB 1522 is receiving a lot of noise and play all across the state of California, which is understandable considering the fact that it is going to impact more than 6.5 million employees statewide. This law would require that all California employers provide their employees a minimum of three paid sick days annually.

Will smartphones have to come from the factory with “kill switches” in 2015?

There is a potential bill in the legislature (SB 962) that acknowledges the fact that cell phone theft rates are sky high – and only climbing higher – and that something has to be done to deter theft from happening in the first place. This bill would require all cell phones manufactured and sold in California after July 1, 2015 to include some kind of “kill switch” that would render the device unusable after it had been stolen, according to Alameda DUI Attorneys.

Will contact sports (like football) be changed forever in 2015?

One of the most hotly contested bills jockeying to become a law in California in 2015 is AB 2127, a bill that will enforce serious restrictions on students that are allowed to play contact sports like football.


This bill proposes that students that have been diagnosed with a head injury will be required to wait at least seven days (and then receive a doctor’s note and clearance) before playing again. Other changes in the bill include teams only being able to have two full contact practices each week, with full contact practices prohibited during every off-season.